The old way

Why data isn’t giving you insight

Starting with a BI tool, dashboard, or report is a classic tail-wags-the-dog problem. There’s no foundation. You’re trying to build data culture and practices to fit the flavor of the day.

Our way

Start with the basics, enjoy the rewards

You wouldn’t ask a person who isn’t well-nourished and conditioned to run a marathon, so why ask so much of your data when it’s not being given the proper care and attention? We help you turn your malnourished data practices into an insight-producing powerhouse.

Get Started

How we engage in the very beginning is the most important step.
Just as a painter puts a lot of care and attention into prep work before picking up a brush, we have our own prep work.


A simple call to discuss your priorities, challenges, and early wins. We want to know what’s important to you.


We run our proprietary assessment framework to get a comprehensive picture of your data environment.


The LDIS+ provides a strategic roadmap for realizing all your analytics goals – a clear link between business and data strategy.