Leading with the LDIS+ shortens the sales cycle, provides immediate sticky value to your customers, and generates a bespoke path for your solution adoption.

The LDIS+ begins with a simple 15-minute assessment for each employee. From there, we uncover the data cultures present in the company, analytics priorities and challenges, maturity, capabilities, and perspectives. We distill what’s important and how to harness that for best reaching company goals.

Both you and the customer are provided with an in-depth report; in addition, you receive a strategy map and training for best positioning your solutions based on the culture and needs of the customer. Post-implementation, you customer has the option for training based on their LDIS+ results.

As an LDIS+ Partner, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Revenue sharing with Logicle Analytics
  • Ability to co-brand the LDIS+ platform
  • Clear lanes of work and non-competes
  • A compressed sales cycle and deeper deployment
  • More of your billable time driven by our insights