Giving you insight into your company’s analytics readiness and data culture.

How do you measure data management, insight value, employee empowerment, and analytics relevance? Our proprietary assessment framework, the LDIS+™, brings all this together into an industry-specific score you can understand.

Familiar problems, new solutions.

Despite the advances in big data analytics, companies are still struggling with the same problems of 10, 20, and 30 years ago.

Problems…or symptoms?

We’ve learned over time that what seems like many problems are all actually symptoms of the central issue.

Here’s your problem.

It’s easy to focus on what you can see – data, tools, actions – but what you can’t see will sink your analytics efforts faster than a bad BI tool.

The solution.

Logicle has the LDIS+™ Analytics Impact Framework, a systematic evaluation of your company’s data culture and analytics maturity, and recommendation/training engine for realizing your full analytics potential.

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The LDIS+™ is currently available as a consulting package, and is in development as a SaaS platform for later release.

You can take the short form quiz by clicking the link below.

You can also hear the Tech Pro Unicorn podcast episode in which Jonathan discusses the rationale behind the LDIS+™.