Logicle FUSE: Your data, only brighter.

Your Data


Our product framework sits on top of existing infrastructure and does not disrupt current business practices. We extract value from your current data.

Your Stakeholders


We invest time up front to identify stakeholders, examine your current data environment, understand priorities & challenges, & define success among company units. 

Your Insights


The insights gained are products of your data and your stakeholders, the uncovering of data blind spots, and the priorities your company identifies.

Service Philosophy

Business intelligence, analytics, data science are not strictly technology issues. 

Yes, technology enables them, but how data is valued and utilized across the organization has much more bearing on success than the technology and tools used to handle that data. It's not about the technology, it's about the culture. This is the human (subjective) side of a very objective business.

Our services are driven by the core belief that data is the central asset to any organization, and the human stakeholders who create, modify, and consume that data are the stewards of a data-centric culture. This means that any project first starts with understanding the human interaction with data assets and what priorities, challenges, highlights, and pain points exist. Only then do we move forward with an implementation plan.