The top obstacles for digital project success have been cultural and managerial

Technology is hardly the problem. In the race for competitive advantage, organizations are too quick to focus on capital expenditures, tangible products, and hurried outcomes.

Why the failure?

Digital transformation sounds a lot like a tech-heavy project. Like any project, however, it is driven by (and serves) the business stakeholders. You have discovery and KPIs for technical and financial capabilities. Why not the same for your biggest asset, especially when the stakeholders have different needs?

In the soundbite, we explain how that plays out in a typical company.

Start your next project on the right foot

For all the prep work that goes into a project, how much of that is dedicated to assessing and quantifying your stakeholder readiness? What methods do you have to follow that throughout the project lifecycle?

Logicle’s LDIS+™ process intensely examines the relationship between your employees and your data and uncovers opportunities for improvement, assesses training needs, provides feedback from the people who use it most, and analyzes the quality of information going into and coming out of your project efforts.

At the core of every digital transformation project are the relevance and engagement that stakeholders long for. See where your company stands today before you embark on your next project.